Who is Exii?

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Real people, real problems

Exii was born out of the need to empower financial teams to dramatically reduce the time & effort required to forecast and plan for the future, no matter the size or industry. You and your teams time is important and we want to help make the most of it.

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The solution

We’ve spoken to a lot of businesses and understand just how different you all are, but we kept hearing how your time and energy is eaten up by business forecasting and analysing data, when you could be doing more valuable things! We want to give you your time back, help you answer important business questions, and let you focus on executing great decisions - so we’ve build Exii is do just that.

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By using machine learning and integrating directly with your business's financial data, Exii is able to really understand and explain what drives performance, generate forecasts, and produce bespoke insights for your business all from a single dashboard.

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How does Exii work?

1. Data

Exii simply and automatically integrates with your financial data, cleans the data of issues and puts everything into the correct format to learn from. This helps Exii work for any business, in any sector.

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2. Learning

Exii builds up a picture of your business’ financial personality by going through every transaction in your business. By learning the true patterns driving business performance, Exii is able to effortlessly forecast your finances and can be ‘opened up’ to explain the reason behind every insight so you know the "why" behind the "what".

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3. Insights

After learning, Exii is 100% tailored to your business needs and is ready to return you your personalised insights. These come in the form of graphics, numbers or messages, and are designed to tackle your specific questions with details and explanations.

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