How do I use Exii?

After connecting to your business data, Exii generates a dashboard for you to start using. The dashboard will come pre-loaded with tutorials to show you how things work.

When can I use Exii?

Exii has been built specifically to work with any business, however the more data you have, the more accurately Exii can learn about your business. In turn, Exii will provide better insights. We usually expect at least 2 years of data to ensure the best possible results.


What do you do with my data?

We use it to teach Exii what drives performance in your business, how the individual parts of your business work together (or sometimes against each other), and how wider market & economic factors impact your business. Once the learning is complete (after a few minutes), Exii has learnt everything she needs to start forecasting and producing insights.

Where do you store my data?

We store your data in the UK and comply with all GDPR regulation

Is my data secure?

We currently adhere to bank level security standards to keep your data safe and secure. We use:

•   Amazon Web Services to host Exii and your data
•   AES-256 encryption to keep it safe and encrypted
•   a secured private cloud that only we can access
•   strict restrictions on what team members can do
•   audit trails to ensure we know who is doing what at any time

What if I want to delete my data?

Your data belongs to you and allowing Exii access opens up the possibility of Exii helping your business with budgeting and forecasting. If you want to delete your data, just contact us using the details on the contacts page and we’ll delete your data within 48 hours.


How does Exii work?

Exii works by taking your business’s financial data and uses custom machine learning/AI techniques to uncover the patterns and relationships that drive performance. This is called the ‘learning’ phase, and generates a custom Exii AI output that is 100% tailored to your business. This allows Exii to generate forecasts that are accurate and unique to your company

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a field interested in researching ways for machines to ‘learn from data’ using maths and statistics. There are hopes for machines to aid humans in many applications one day, for instance driving cars, cooking food, making important decisions, and machine learning will be how they do it!

How quickly will I get my forecasts?

Upon connecting your data, Exii will be ready after a few minutes.

How does Exii produce forecasts without in-depth knowledge of my specific company or industry?

Exii produces forecasts from the most granular data, learning how your business operates at the most detailed level. This means that Exii can mould to any business, regardless of its complexity, size or industry.

Does Exii take into account external factors affecting my business such as inflation?

Yes, Exii learns what macro-economical factors drive your business and predicts how your business will be impacted in the future.

How has Exii technology been proved before?

Yes, Exii has been used with SME’s, larger companies such as MoneySuperMarket and is currently powering an application for a tier-1 international bank.

Will Exii recommend me financial products?

No, we are focusing on building a great product that will help users without needing to take out a loan, etc.