Ready. Set. Grow.

With me, Exii.
The AI Growth recommendation engine to fuel your Shopify store
Save time. Let me analyse your Shopify & Google Analytics data for you
I was born for this!
Even though I was built for smaller eCommerce... the big guys trust me
Piers Stobbs
Money Super Market
Active customers
22 million +
I’ve already helped grow a leading UK eCommerce brand
Within minutes, Exii gave us  hundreds of quality  growth recommendations to begin executing and churned out more every day. We saved so much time analysing data and could to focus on what we do best - execution.
Piers Stobbs
Money Super Market
Active customers
22 million +


I’ll “search through” Google analytics and Shopify in 900,000 different ways to find you sales.

Then serve it to you in plain english.

A real-time feed of growth recommendations
Clear + realistic sales potential
Written by expert eCommerce Growth Hackers, Marketers & Founders


Launch Facebook & Google campaigns in a few clicks. Ideas to Sales in minutes.

Yes it’s that simple. I can’t even lie if I tried, it’s not in my code.

Product analytics
Recommendations that actually work


Track the progress for every. single. idea.

Sit back and watch the sales come in
Don’t like Fake News? Good, I include my evidence with every recommendation
Clean analytics to know what’s working and how to improve
It’s great not having to spend much time in Google Analytics anymore

How do I work?

Step 1

Sync with Marketing & Sales systems

Takes 3 minutes to complete

Step 2

Time to use my patent-pending brain

This is where the magic happens. I run over 900,000 calculations per company per day, creating and testing different growth stratagies.

That’s a lot of magic.

Step 3

Time to get growing

With new recommendations daily, you decide how much sales you want and what type of tasks you’d like to take on, with your morning coffee.

Erdi Karaca
Annual revenue
$56 Billion
I’ve powered one of the largest businesses in the world... phew
Exii have delivered beyond our expectations. We trust team Exii as they have kept our data safe. They have proven themselves to be world leaders in AI and we are excited to build upon our working relationship.
Erdi Karaca
Annual revenue
$56 Billion